Hello everyone, just started

Calm wave


Well we all made,although some of the people we love might have not made it…Now get of your butts and start planing, whether it be a spiritual new year resolution or a set of long term goals or short term,well start planing….. a business plan, a trip, to build a house, to make a lot of friends, to do the things of God…..whatever it is get planing friends, do not limit yourself , be creative, be ambitious. and also do not just stop at planing start doing and carrying out those plans……well i will also do the same to see if i can achieve a lot this Year. I believe that, this Year is going to be a very wonderful year….. Believe me it will Be.

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, its really difficult to forgive when whom you are to forgive is not worth.  But I learnt something today,  forgiveness is never easy. Whether forgiveness from betrayal or from a hurt or from a brokenheart or from something you think is unforgivable. Well forgiveness is letting go, it is freeing yourself from hurt and pain.

Now, I learnt something the more I hold the pain or hurt someone has cause me in my heart the more I am hurting myself and the one that did it to me would have forgotten they hurt me and will be living their lives. Well, some of you will say then ‘I will take my revenge’. What happens after that?,  I will tell you, you would have formed a chain without knowing it, you take revenge on one, another takes on his behalf,  then another and another….. But it really doesn’t have be that way. I personally think we should all forgive and forget.  Well, I will go first,  because no one will take your advice, if you don’t take your own advice. Forgive, its good for you and your health. 

The Man

  • A man is a father.
  • A man is a son.
  • A man is a brother.
  • A man is an uncle.
  • A man is a nephew.
  • A man is a husband.
  • A man is a friend.
  • A man is the head of his household.
  • A man is the provider.
  • A man is a warrior.
  • A man is the strength of his wife.
  • A man is the prophet of his family.
  • A man is the guide.
  • A man loves and cares for his own.
  • A man fights for his own.
  • A man keeps his home whole.

Yes,  all these responsibilities for one man. It is difficult,  that is why He(God)  gave man a woman, in whom he can find peace, happiness, satisfaction and with whom he forgets all his worries. It is said that, “He who finds a good wife finds a good things.” Well,  I will add,  he will also live long and prosper. Also,  a good woman wants a good man,  so be a good man to get a good woman in your life as a man. Lazy men never get good women,  if they do, they lose them to death or divorce. So women prepare yourselves for good men and men prepare yourselves for good women. Happy Father’s day. 


A friend of mine met her father for the first time in 15years, and he wants to be called  “Dad”, he did not care to took for her all those years,  she looked and found him and asked,  why he did not look for her?  he said, Her mother told him,  he can not take her and ran away.  That why he did not look for her,  is that an excuse?….. I need your opinion on these. 


Its been a while friends… I was cooking one day and a question came to my mind, that i have not asked myself before… It was, “what do I really want in life?”… I thought I knew the answer to that question,  but unfortunately, I don’t and I have been thinking about it ever since…. So I ask you too,  “what do you want in life?”… 


Taking decisions is a little difficult, especially when you have to check the advantage and disadvantage. Be careful when taking a decision, so you don’t take the wrong one. Not because that decision worked for someone else, means that it will work for you. Take your own decision by yourself and for yourself. #Diffcultchoices