The Man

  • A man is a father.
  • A man is a son.
  • A man is a brother.
  • A man is an uncle.
  • A man is a nephew.
  • A man is a husband.
  • A man is a friend.
  • A man is the head of his household.
  • A man is the provider.
  • A man is a warrior.
  • A man is the strength of his wife.
  • A man is the prophet of his family.
  • A man is the guide.
  • A man loves and cares for his own.
  • A man fights for his own.
  • A man keeps his home whole.

Yes,  all these responsibilities for one man. It is difficult,  that is why He(God)  gave man a woman, in whom he can find peace, happiness, satisfaction and with whom he forgets all his worries. It is said that, “He who finds a good wife finds a good things.” Well,  I will add,  he will also live long and prosper. Also,  a good woman wants a good man,  so be a good man to get a good woman in your life as a man. Lazy men never get good women,  if they do, they lose them to death or divorce. So women prepare yourselves for good men and men prepare yourselves for good women. Happy Father’s day. 



if you live the life of someone else, who will live yours?

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