Well, its really difficult to forgive when whom you are to forgive is not worth.  But I learnt something today,  forgiveness is never easy. Whether forgiveness from betrayal or from a hurt or from a brokenheart or from something you think is unforgivable. Well forgiveness is letting go, it is freeing yourself from hurt and pain.

Now, I learnt something the more I hold the pain or hurt someone has cause me in my heart the more I am hurting myself and the one that did it to me would have forgotten they hurt me and will be living their lives. Well, some of you will say then ‘I will take my revenge’. What happens after that?,  I will tell you, you would have formed a chain without knowing it, you take revenge on one, another takes on his behalf,  then another and another….. But it really doesn’t have be that way. I personally think we should all forgive and forget.  Well, I will go first,  because no one will take your advice, if you don’t take your own advice. Forgive, its good for you and your health. 



if you live the life of someone else, who will live yours?

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