Wonderful breakfast

chips, fried plantian and scrambled egg.

Its good to have a healthy breakfast every morning to give you energy to complete your task for the day. Also try to drink enough water. Enjoy.



Hey guyz, it been a while. I had exams and a lot of reading to do. But am done with the exams now. Thank God for that.

Imagine, when you read very well for an exam and someone else will not read, instead, the person goes clubbing, watch movies, goes out with older men. These person comes to the exam hall blank and expects you that studied all night, to leave your own questions and help him or her with answers for their own questions. That is just wrong.

 Why do students of now, lack confidence in themselves, they read and then still enter the exam hall with the note or textbook written in small sizes “microchips” for malpractice and some don’t even  border themselves to read they just prepare for malpractice. That is just wrong.

We are expected by our parents to come out with good results and also learn something from our years spent in school. The students need confidence,discipline and encouragement. These will help some of the students in their studies.


It a beautiful thing when prepared properly. A good food makes everyone happy. But if the food is beautiful and it tastes bad, then you will be have a ‘Beautiful nonesense’. Please women and men prepare good food for your families and friends.


What do you do do for fun? I love to draw and cook. Cooking is so much fun. From the cutting, boiling, frying,steaming,chopping and baking. Of both of them, i love cooking. It gives me joy to just see the smile and happiness on people’s faces. I don’t know about you, what do you do that makes you feel so happy, and makes people around you happy?. Think!!!!!

Its Beautiful Day

Its another day of hustling and achieving. What are you going to achieve today?. Is it a new book?, a job offer?, a new business idea?, what is that thing?.

Well, even if you don’t achieve anything today, just be happy that you woke up this morning with everything about you still there and you will go back to bed complete, with no injury or pain.

But i believe that today will be a Beautiful and wonderful day. Enjoy it!!!!